On our site, iNumber.com.ua, provided the largest database of mobile numbers of Ukraine, more than 5000 thousand. Also, we have the opportunity to pick You own number under the order. Example: You have a Vodafone 050 5555-x- 99 and You are looking for similar on the Kyivstar or Lifecell). We will be able to help You in a short time to find this number, provided that it is not occupied by another subscriber.

Also in the catalog numbers, there is a section "quantity 1+1", it is possible to find pairs or triples of numbers with the same structure numbers. For example: Kyivstar+Vodafone 067 xxx-67 - 67 and 050 xxx-67 - 67. Such combinations are often used for business cards or other business, advertising, services, TAXI, or personal use.

Please note that in the directory there are numbers in which you will discover one number or operator code in the format "x" ,"xy", it means that if You see the number format 067 0000-x-00 ,then under "x" only one digit, for example, the digit 7, or 8, or any other. This information can be clarified by contact with us.


Mobile number refers to the things of people which are with him around the clock, each digit has a certain value. Thoughts, words and actions of the people who calls to you associated with a phone number and have a fairly strong influence on your destiny.

If you advertise your business, "Gold", a beautiful mobile number will make your advertising much more effective. The usual number is hard to remember for a few seconds until it flickers on the TV screen, a Billboard outside the window or sounds on the radio. A "Golden" mobile number is most often remembered, easily and quickly.

Beautiful, conformable " mobile number are often used on the Internet (websites), having a light structure of remembering.

People has an exclusive " mobile number in which five, six or all seven digits are identical, underlines his/her status, no matter where this " mobile number is presented, in business or in personal use.


Each person surrounded by numbers. Many of us have their favorite number, sometimes not even one. The combination of numbers in the mobile number is not quite random. It is formed from numbers that contain a certain energy. To determine the value of numbers mobile number, necessary to carry out the following calculations.

To know the number of mobile number 8(093) 956-28 - 24, fold 9+5+6+2+8+2+4=36. Then convert the sum to a single-digit number: 3+6=9. So, determining number of mobile number is 9.


  • 1 - These mobile numbers are best suited to heads of different levels, informal leaders. Using this number, you can count on success of any questions related to business, professional sphere. In particular, you can very successfully appoint negotiations and even discuss some issues on the phone.
  • 2 - With such mobile numbers is comfortable to discuss the issues related to common affairs, cooperation, joint projects. For people working in partnership, in close collaboration with the team, this is the best choice.
  • 3 - Can be an indispensable tool to all who involved in creative professions and creativity in general. All the people working with word, teachers, journalists, writers, and so on. — Also can benefit because of vibrations of this number. If you want to borrow money, ask about is by using such mobile number, it is a high probability that you will borrow money. Conversely, debtors repay debts quickly, if you require that they do so, by calling from such mobile number.
  • 4 - If numerology of your mobile number—is 4, it is undoubtedly useful to people, whose activity is related to the build system, the hierarchy, to restore in any order. Managers, administrators, executives, editors, and people of other professions will be easier to cope with their duties, if they use this number.
  • 5 - If numerology of your mobile number—is 5, its like to have a magic stick. Because calls from such number enable you to handle the most complex organizational and other matters, to agree with anyone about anything. Great benefit it will bring to travel agencies, other business organizations. Orders purchases from such mobile number will not fail you.
  • 6 - This mobile number will be very relevant in the work of various charitable organizations, and social orientation. Best of all, this number will be good for teenager or elderly relative, because its numeric vibration set up on trust, sympathy, a sincere interest.
  • 7 - The best option for training, educational institutions, as well as for personal use everyone who teaches there. It will be useful to scientist, researcher, people of art, as well as the individual entrepreneur — all these people have in common a dislike of pressure, duress, work under someone's leadership.
  • 8 - Numerological code of the mobile number is great for large companies, large-scale business, in particular associated with the wholesale trade, real estate. If "number – 8" is in personal use, it will not allow its owner to need money. You can pick jackpots, but only in the case that the owner of such a mobile number is related to a major financial flows, money projects.
  • 9 - If numerology phone number is 9, it is very suitable for use by people who if you do something, not for money or public recognition, but for the idea. If the person with the number 9, makes a lot for others, all for the common good, the reward sure will find him.

Our team iNumber, will always help You to choose the exclusive mobile number, which will be remembered not only by You, but also by everyone who once saw Your mobile number.